It is not easy to be a dog in the 21st century. Life in today’s human society involves problems and confusions. What is a problem for you is not always a problem for your dog and vice versa. The essence of our work is to make you understand the true nature of your friend and to find a compromise between the two. Each of our students, be it the dog or the human, works on the basis of a thorough diagnosis and a personalised work plan, adapted to their needs and objectives. We will help you to find out what makes your furry friend unhappy, so that you can enjoy his company again.

Most behavioural problems such as fears, phobias or aggression, among others, have a common origin – the lack of a correct socialisation with the environment. This implies a lack of or poor use of social communication tools. Group work and socialisation walks help to speak the same language again… It is acceptance… It is becoming a dog again.

From what age can you work with a dog? As early as possible… A well-planned process always gives good results. Start with early stimulation and socialisation. Sow the right seeds of education without giving up the fun. It is the best investment of your time and the best gift for your puppy. The best way to form a brave and balanced dog. It is to build a little gladiator.

An educated dog is a confident, resolute dog, able to understand your intentions. It communicates and receives your messages. It is the dog with essential skills to form an active part of our society. And of course, education is the best medicine and remedy to prevent possible behavioural problems. It is work, dedication, dialogue and mutual respect. It is the door and the way to happiness.


Psychological support for pet guardians. No… it is not crazy… There are situations and cases, where the dog becomes a simple reflection of the emotional problems of its human. Modern life affects everyone and this can become a perfect cause of a toxic coexistence. If we can’t help you, in search of solutions to your worries, we can never help your dog. This is why we rely on the wisdom of an expert in human mental health – psychologist, Mélanie Perpiña.